b.a.t PT 2

breakfast-at-tiffany-sThe passage on page 42 where Fred is talking to Holly and asking her some questions is significant because we get a sense of the ‘real’ Holly. She says ‘By the way I’m not pretending i don’t know he’s rich’ this is in regards to not marrying Mr Rusty Trawler. This shows that Holly, although concerned with money in her professional regard, will not just settle for Mr Trawler because he is rich. She also says in response to why she has ‘travelling’’ on her card; “After all, how do I know where I’ll be living tomorrow?” This suggests to me a sense of uncertainty in her life and a sense that perhaps this has happened to her previously, to be ‘travelling’ is not necessarily a glamorous suggestion but one of insecurity.

The other passage on page 63-64 is very significant because it explains where Holly comes from. Her husband comes to New York and runs into Fred. He asks if Fred has seen Holly? He calls her Lula Mae, he explains that Holly had run away from home when she was very young. He says that in 1938, when she was just 14, she married him and he looked after her. It draws the link between O.J’s description of the Holly that he once knew and Lula Mae that ran away from Doc Golightly and his family.
2. The number of people who come to the party leave an impact on your impression of holly. All of the guests are male and it adds to the fascination with her. Fred looks at the books on Holly’s shelf at the party and finds that they are about only two things, horses and baseball. When asked about it, holly explains that she needs to have a conversation with her male ‘friends’. It shows that she takes her work professionally and adds to the depth of her character.

3. Jose Ybarra Jaegar is depicted as a handsome Brazilian. He is described as seeming out of place in the company of Holly and Mag Wildwood. He is an intelligent, presentable and serious.

4. a) the reason that Holly and Fred have a falling out is because while Fred is giving Holly a massage “my hand…seemed to have a temper of its own: it yearned to raise itself and come down onto her buttocks…the urge in my hand was going beyond control.” He does and Holly responds very angrily. She feels it is a loss of respect and that Fred is taking advantage of the situation.

5a) He is introduced as a stranger who introduces himself as Doc Golightly, immediately Fred makes the connection and is intrigued. There is a sense of interest that comes from the introduction of him because it shows the reader about Holly’s past rather than telling.
b)He is important because he holds the key to Holly’s past. He is a man that has a lot of information about holly and is a link to her past life. He can reveal much more about Holly than she is willing to.
c) We learn that she has had a somewhat troubled childhood. Running away from home at a young age, getting married and looking after children. It makes her a much more interesting character because she has an even greater sense of depth. There are so many layers to her character, the top layer is the one that she has on most of the time but when we find out things about her past we can start to peel back the tough, outer layer that she always has on show.

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